One of the great things about a summer festival is buying a good drink from the bar and sitting on the grass, appraising it slowly. This year, all our beers will be locally-brewed, and sold to you good people by the folk at the Coyote Moon Cafe.

However, this being 21st century Britain, it’s not that simple. One of the pitfalls of festival drinking is the inevitable pile-up of plastic waste from the outdoor glasses we are all obliged to use ‘for health and safety reasons.’

There is a way around this waste though – and it’s to bring your own drinking vessels to the festival. The bar will be happy to fill these instead of inflicting a plastic cup on you, and it’s a sure bet your drink will taste better.

So: see what you can find! tankard, drinking horn, pint glass, jam jar, welly boot … the choice is yours. We’d like to think that plenty of creative options will be on display.