As we count down to the final Uncivilisation festival in two weeks time, we’re going to take a look back at some memories from previous years. If you’ve got your own stories, images or recordings that you’d like to share, let us know!

‘Collapse means living in the same conditions as the people who grow your coffee.’

One of the most memorable sessions at our first festival in Llangollen was this talk from Vinay Gupta, grounding the fears that hover around conversations about ‘collapse’ in the reality of how life works for most people on the planet now. (Vinay also featured in our first two books, including this conversation with Dougald in Dark Mountain: Issue 1.)

We’ve gradually escaped from the kind of “speaker on a stage, audience in rows” set-up that defined a lot of sessions at the first festival, but Uncivilisation is still – among other things – a chance to hear from and get into conversation with people who’ve spent much of their lives thinking and working with the kind of questions Vinay spoke about back in 2010.

Check out this year’s Uncivilisation programme – and book your tickets. It all happens from 15-19 August, 2013 at the Sustainability Centre, nr Petersfield, Hampshire, England.

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